Idaho is made up of some incredible, beautiful, wide open, hard working farmland. Hundreds of Idaho families rely on the funds that their crops produce, and produce they do. Idaho is top in the country for producing the most of these 3 major crops. Idaho came in second place and third place for quite a few other crop staples in the country.

Stacker did this farmtastic study showing what states produce the most of what, then they took it even further by showing the monetary correlation with those crops.
According to Stacker, About 87% of all agricultural products in America are produced on family ranches or farms.

Some other interesting agricultural facts from Slacker is that, a single farm feeds an average of 166 people per year, both in the U.S. and abroad. Even though it is so important to us here in Idaho, farming only represents 1% of America’s overall Economy. The U.S. trades billions upon billions in crops and agriculture. According to this study, $129 billion is imported, while $137 billion is exported.

Here is the breakdown of the crops that Idaho produces the most of, followed by the ones where Idaho is at least in the top 5. It takes a bit of time for the national annual agricultural numbers to come out, so the most recent available is based off of total 2019 numbers. 2020 may have gotten a little wonky. No big surprise that Potatoes are at the top of the list....

1. Idaho ($1.0 billion)
2. Washington ($934.1 million)
3. Wisconsin ($338.7 million)
4. California ($277.9 million)
5. Colorado ($239.9 million)

1. Idaho ($37.9 million)
2. Oregon ($35.6 million)
3. Washington ($29.0 million)
4. Indiana ($6.8 million)

1. Idaho ($265.0 million)
2. Montana ($192.1 million)
3. North Dakota ($133.0 million)
4. Wyoming ($34.3 million)
5. Colorado ($32.7 million)

No wonder we like beer so much here in Idaho we are the #1 producer of Barley and #2 producer of Hops...

1. Washington ($475.7 million)
2. Idaho ($89.3 million)
3. Oregon ($71.6 million)

1. California ($23.9 million)
2. Montana ($6.3 million)
3. Idaho ($4.6 million)
4. Utah ($2.3 million)
5. South Dakota ($1.2 million)

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Hay & haylage
1. California ($1.3 billion)
2. Wisconsin ($1.2 billion)
3. Texas ($1.2 billion)
4. Idaho ($937.9 million)
5. Colorado ($934.7 million)

1. Montana ($44.1 million)
2. Washington ($13.7 million)
3. North Dakota ($13.7 million)
4. Idaho ($7.3 million)

1. North Dakota ($1.4 billion)
2. Kansas ($1.4 billion)
3. Montana ($1.0 billion)
4. Washington ($791.0 million)
5. Idaho ($501.0 million)


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