Those that have had braces know, it can be a rough go and especially being that I am in my 30's. I am so happy to see the outcome but right now getting use to them has been different.

Many adults have braces, I understand it's a growing trend. I think at first anyone would think it was odd to open your mouth to a bunch of metal on them. I even heard that in New York they now put braces on the back of your teeth for cosmetic purposes... crazy! I can see it though, it's a vanity and cosmetic issue and I am dealing with the slight insecurities it comes with right now.

I started about 5 years ago on a journey to change my oral look and health. It has drastically changed. From never going to the dentist to now going twice a year and making sure I have regular check ups, I couldn't feel better then ever when it comes to my teeth, but there is a still a long way to go. I am on my final step with Emerald West Dental and they have helped me not only with overall health but now my braces. Dr. Hess and Moss and are some of the nicest guy's. Dr. Hess loves sports, to travel and his family is everything to him and Dr. Moss has some of the most outstanding adventures and his family is also his most prized possessions. When you are getting dental work done and you know and trust your dentist and orthodontist it makes the process a lot easier. Thank you to Emerald West Dental and all the support I have received. It's not easy trying to make these changes happen.

If you have been thinking you would benefit from braces or invisalign find out more cause it is worth it!






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