If you have girls in your life you know Charming Charlies.  A quaint little shop where my daughters shopped for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of cute little feminine nick-nacks.

USA Today just announced that ALL Charming Charlies will close!  The Charming Charlies I know currently sits at The Village in Meridian but not for long.  Charming Charlie is filing what is considered a Chapter 22 Bankruptcy.  That's when you go Chapter 11 Bankrupt twice which is exactly what they're doing.

The first bankruptcy took place in April of 2018.  100 stores were shut down but Charming Charlie found a way to keep the rest of them afloat.  Not anymore.  This bankruptcy will shut down every single store they have including our beloved little Meridian location.  That's 261 stores across 38 different states.

Why are they shutting down?  What happened?  Here's what Charming Charlie executives had to say...

We're completely shutting everything down because of unsustainable operating expenses, including onerous leases

There's no word yet on when the shut down.  All we know is that it'll happen by August 31, 2019. Normally these type of closures lead to some HUGE deals when it finally all goes down so keep your eyes peeled and we'll let you know exactly when this is going to happen and what kind of big deals they'll have when they go out with a bang.

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