We all have songs that we sing along to while we're listening to the radio. Like me, some of us think we're quite good and are a little surprised that no one has heard how good we are while singing in the shower and signed us to a record deal on the spot, right between lathering and rinsing. When I'm in the car, I do a very special kind of singing. It started when my kids were small, and I didn't want to listen to whatever children or Disney artist was their favorite at the time. Instead, I listened to my favorite songs, and sang them as loud as I could, maybe to show off that I was in control of the radio. I changed all of the lyrics to make my kids laugh. Honestly, at the time, if I could include the words "poop" or "fart," my kids would have thought I was as funny as Jim Gaffigan. Now, I drive to work and home alone, but I still change the lyrics to songs to entertain myself. Here's the one I sang this morning while my car was puttering on my way to work. It's to the tune of Sam Hunt's Hard To Forget. I've included the video, just in case you want to sing it for yourself. This has "hit" written all over it!

You've got an old car and the cold hard truth,
You got a full tank of gas, but you've got no proof,
That you'll make it to work in that thing.
So much for long drives on I-84,
You'll be lucky to make it past the new Hustler store.
Don't know what you'll do,
If ya break down alone on Fairview.

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