We now know the names of the 16 and 17-year old juveniles involved in the murder of a teen in Nampa and details have been released about what they are being charged with. 

16-year-old Juan Manuel Menchaca Olvera of Nampa fired the shots that killed Roberto Gomez on September 25, 2018. He is charged with 1st-degree murder and robbery.

Four boys were involved in the crime and they will be tried as adults based on the serious nature of the crime according to a report on KTVB.com.

Also involved was 17-year-old Jose A. Menchaca of Nampa who has been charged with accessory to 1st-degree murder, aid and abet robbery, and perjury.

16-year-old Isaac Bernal, also of Nampa is charged with accessory to 1st-degree-murder and aid and abet robbery.

16-year-old Gabriel Hernandez Olivo of Caldwell is charged with aiding and abetting 1st-degree murder, aid and abet robbery, and intimidation of a witness.

4 adults, 42-year-old Maribel Menchaca, 35-year-old Olivia Hernandez Santana, 28-year-old Elizabeth Esparza, and 39-year-old Jose Menchaca are also being charged for their involvement with the murder.

Several of the suspects are due in court this afternoon.

Juan Manuel Menchaca and Maribel Menchaca have been charged with Roberto's murder even though it was Juan that pulled the trigger. Maribel allegedly shoved the teenage victim and yanked a gold chain from his neck.

Most of the other charges are because the people involved knew about the robbery and/or shooting, they hid suspects, and allegedly lied or were not forthcoming to the police.