Thousands of people are expected to come to Idaho for the eclipse on Monday, but what IF...the skies are cloudy? CNN says it could happen! Yikes!

According to CNN Idaho COULD be under cloudy skies on Monday, causing a "cloud-out" for the eclipse, and disappointing everyone that is flocking to our state to catch a glimpse of the moon blocking out the sun.

It's happened three times before. Hawaii, Kenya and South Africa. All three solar eclipses were blocked by cloudy skies. The sky will still go dark, maybe even darker if the skies are cloudy. What you may not see is the actual eclipse with the moon moving in front of the sun.

CNN has high resolution photos of what the cloud cover COULD look like over Idaho this coming Monday, so before you get spun up about the eclipse, you may want to read the article and take a look at the weather forecast photos. The eclipse may not be what you expect, at least here in Idaho.

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