The Nampa Police Department are confirming now that the body found in a Nampa alley was no accidental death.  This case has turned into a full fledged homicide.


At 11 a.m. on Monday the call came in that there was a body in an alley between 4th Street South and 5th Street South near the 2000 Block.  The victim has been identified as 43-year-old Dominico Stewart who lived in Nampa.  What clues led to police thinking this was a homicide right away, we don't know.  A lot of information is being withheld from the public to give authorities an advantage in solving this case.


We do know that there were no knife or gunshot wounds but the Nampa Police Sergeant Tim Riha says they know without a doubt that this is a homicide.  They also know this is NOT a random act of violence.  An autopsy has been performed and the results are in the hands of those investigating.


Again, if you have any information at all, please contact the Nampa Police Department at 208-465-2257 or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.

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