Idaho should be very proud. For the second year in a row an Idahoan has been crowed  queen of the National High School Finals Rodeo. Kylee Whiting from Star was earned the honor. Kylee was up against 43 other queens who all had to compete in various categories. Some categories were horsemanship, personality, appearance, test score, speech, interviews, and more.

Kylee's clear charm, skill and intelligence shined through and she won top honors in five categories, speech, horsemanship, appearance, modeling, and tied for first in personality. She ended up with a score of 700.5 with the runner up Olivia Favero from Utah scoring 691.25.

Her crown and winning earned her quite a bit including, scholarships, a new saddle, some western art and a whole new stylish and top of the line western outfit including a buckle, boots, leather jacket, and sunglasses. She makes everything look great with that big smile on her face.

Kylee Whiting is a senior this year and no doubt will do great things. According to a write up about her in the NHSRA publication, she has been passionate about rodeo queens and on her way to becoming one since she was about 10 years old. She has been competing since she was 12 and has had her fair share of wins and losses. Kylee said her goal was to just get to nationals but to win it was 'the cherry on top'.

This title didn't come without hard work, she would get up and ride at 5am to practice before it got too hot and before school. She wants to introduce the sport of rodeo to those who are not familiar to the western way of life.

Kylee has a supportive and amazing family around her, parents Nikki and Butch. Kylee's father Butch is one of the owners of Kryptek Outdoor Group based in Eagle Idaho.

We couldn't be more proud of this Idaho teen doing amazing things. Thank you Kylee for being an inspiration to young women everywhere, especially girls and young women who love the western lifestyle and aren't afraid of some hard work. We know you will continue to do great things.

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