This is some messed up stuff! This poor girl was most certainly traumatized and who knows where this man could be now?!

On Monday afternoon in Ontario along Northwest Fourth Avenue a man pulled up to a 14 year old girl in his beat up red four-door car with a black top and asked this young girl if she needed a ride.

She politely said she didn't but as he drove away he exposed himself to the 14 year old.

The young girls mother, Beth Cooper, says that her daughter was walking home from picking-up her 9 year old brother from summer school when the incident happened.

He asked the 14 year old if she and her brother were o.k., then proceeded to ask her questions about her age and if she needed a ride. The teen told her Mom she ignored him and sheltered her brother and that's when he exposed himself.

According to the Argus Observer, Ontario police have not been able to find the man.

He's being described as

  • a white man
  • in his 30's
  • brown hair
  • thin facial hair
  • glasses

If you have any information, please contact police.