Nearly a week ago we I wrote about how Eddie Van Halen died at 65 after losing his battle with cancer. He was one of the worlds greatest rock musicians and one of the most talented guitar players of all time. Musicians from every genre have shared tributes to honor the rock ledged.

Well who knew we had such incredible talent just waiting to be shared with the world from a 14 year old in Parma. Chase Klahr after asking for special permission from school faculty was able to play a little in tribute of his favorite musician Eddie Van Halen to the school during lunch.

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Holy cow, what talent. Chase just put Parma and himself on the map for musical talent. In an interview with KTVB channel 7 Chase said he had only been playing for less than 2 years. Chase also said,  "My dad introduced me to some old classic rock like ACDC, Guns 'n Roses, Van Halen. Eddie made me want to learn to play fast. That was the biggest thing because I heard him playing fast and I thought it was really cool."

Fast he learned alright. For under 2 years of practice and only one other performance ever, Chase is right on his way to musical stardom himself. Keep it up Chase, keep it up dude. Even though Chase said he was super nervous you can tell at all. He did the entire solo for 'Eruption' without a flaw. I don't even know this teen but I am incredible impressed and proud of him! Check out the video and interview for yourself...

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