One of my worst nightmares is my house going up in flames. An Eagle family is living that nightmare right now as the Eagle Fire Department is on the scene of a two-alarm house fire.

Calls to 911 came in about 12:20 p.m. according to KTVB. Crews are working the scene at Holl Road and Star Vista Lane in the Eagle Foothills.

So far, officials say the home appears to be a total loss. No word yet on who the occupants are. The fire is in the process of being extinguished, but no word yet on whether or not crews have it contained yet.

Details are so sketchy at this point that we have not heard if there are any injuries or not, but please keep this family and these homeowners in your thoughts and prayers today. Even if everyone escapes ok, having your house go up in flames is extremely devastating and scary. We'll keep you updated as this story unfolds.


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