Two irate mothers claim that while at daycare, their children had their eyebrows waxed. Which, is awful, except that it didn't happen.

It happened in Pasco, Washington, where two moms say that when they picked up their children from daycare, the kids' eyebrows appeared different. Different, as in, they appeared to have been waxed while at the Boys and Girls Club. An investigation happened soon after, and the Department of Early Learning couldn't prove the mothers' claim:

At the end of the day, we did not find any evidence that the center had done any eyebrow waxing of young children or mistreated them in anyway.

The investigation found the daycare facility to be innocent of any wrongdoing, but that wasn't enough for the two moms, one of which said the investigators didn't do enough to disprove their claim. Now that the investigation has come to a close, it'll now be available for public record.

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