Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Some love believing in something others believe is downright ridiculous. On the other hand, some love trying to find a logical explanation for the theories and put the craziness to bed.

The latest conspiracy theory

Just a few days ago, people across the country sparked a new Illuminati conspiracy theory.

In case you missed the Oscars on Sunday, wrestler-turned-actor John Cena participated in a skit at the award ceremony in the "nude." Cena appears holding an envelope with a list of nominees before being covered in a large cloth.

Thanks to social media, we later found out he wasn't actually nude but had some skin-colored articles of clothing covering his parts as he held the envelope.

After the shock and amusement of the skit took its course, many scrambled to social media sharing their theory about Cena's bit. That theory says he was really participating in some sort of ritual for the Illuminati.

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Whether or not that is true remains to be seen and there's no telling if we'll ever really get "the truth." We could get the truth when the actor or awards show shoots it down or vehemently denies it... but where's the fun in taking their answers as truth?

The whole point of conspiracy theories is to question and not accept what is being fed to us, right?

As for Idaho, we're looking at the six most popular theories that we've seen associated with the Gem State based on searches and analytics. We will attempt to debunk or at least explain all of these theories but there is one that we may never debunk at all.

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