It doesn't look good for Mayor Darin Taylor, who was arrested Saturday night on a domestic battery charge. Details have now been released as to what led to his arrest.

Mayor Taylor stands accused of grabbing his wife by the left arm and pinching her hard enough to leave marks.

According to, Taylor's wife wanted to leave during their argument on Saturday night and the Mayor allegedly tried to physically prevent her from leaving.

Taylor was elected Mayor of Middleton back in 2011. He was released from jail yesterday afternoon and has denied abusing his wife.

City Council President Rob Kiser is acting mayor at the moment. No word on when or if that will change.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is he said she said. That's not to say he isn't guilty, but there is still a lot to be investigated at this point.

According to the victim's sister, this type of abuse has been going on for years between the couple. She claims that just last week Taylor

grabbed her by the throat and walked her down the hall until she fell down.

She says her sister was left with a "clicking" in her throat and a large bruise on her upper right arm.

We'll see how this story plays out in court when he is scheduled to make his next appearance on April 25th.

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