A Boise State Political Science political science professor is under fire for his comments during his speech in Florida. It didn't take long for critics to take to Twitter and other social media outlets after Doctor Scott Yenor. He gave the address at the National Conservatism Conference reports KTVB.

Yenor's speech focused on the changing roles of men and women in society. Here is one of the quotes from the address from his Twitter feed.
"What do feminism and other ideologies seek to achieve? What harms do they cause, to individuals and to society as a whole? How can a renewed appreciation for marriage and family make us happier as individuals and as a nation?"

You can see his entire speech below.

Then we have folks on social media trying to get Yenor fired for free speech.  

Boise State did respond to multiple media requests for comment.  Here is their entire release on the topic courtesy of Boise State:

"Boise State University understands that the open exchange of ideas, which is fundamental to education, can introduce uncomfortable and even offensive ideas. However, the university cannot infringe upon the First Amendment rights of any members of our community, regardless of whether we, as individual leaders, agree or disagree with the message. No single faculty member defines what Boise State — or any public university — endorses or stands for."

"Recently, academic freedom has faced challenges in universities around the country. We stand fully in support of academic freedom. Academic freedom is the bedrock of the university and higher education, and our faculty hold a wide range of opinions and perspectives. As noted by our governing Board, “Academic freedom is essential to protect the rights of the faculty member in teaching and the student in learning.” As such, academic freedom will be protected within the governing policies of the Idaho State Board of Education and Boise State University. We aim to facilitate non-violent and free expression that allows for true and open engagement with ideas — in support or in critique of a position — and that results in deeper learning and growth for all."

The university was the subject of criticism from then US Attorney General Jeff Session for their treatment of conservatives.  The legislature did cut money from Boise State's budget this year over concerns on what is being taught to incoming students.

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