Growing up my sisters and I got the belt if we were out of hand. It was a step further than a regular slap on the tush. My older sister Jessica, the trouble maker got it more than any of us. As a mother now, I am not a spanker, a quick pat on the butt sure, but I do my best to refrain from actual spanking - even though sometimes his attitude makes me think twice about it. According to this study, many, like me, experienced spanking as a child, then as a parent chose not to spank.

Millennials and Gen X moms and dads are spanking children less than older generations according to new research. Monitoring the Future did a national survey from 1993 to 2017. "They focused on 25 groups of high school students and then reached back out 17 years later when the focus group was about 35 years old. Then they narrowed it down to only those who had children living at the home between ages 2 and 12. From '93 to '17 the number of parents who spank dropped by 15%. What was about half of parents reporting spanking, in 2017 was down to 35%."

The American Academy of Pediatrics still say its not enough and a lot of research is showing the effect that spanking can have on children as they grow older."

So what about in Idaho? How do parents most often discipline in the gem state? Here are some responses from the question on Facebook:

Mary M. "My kids get whooped and they also make comments about other kids at store's, "if I did that you would beat my butt." I have 5 kids they know how to behave but they are older now and I don't have to spank them much anymore."

Brooke O. "I was spanked as a child. I spanked my daughter (born in 2001) She is the most respectful 18 (almost 19) year old that I have ever met!"

Jessica L.
"No crap that's why we have so many disrespectful kids these days
I got my butt beat every day when I was a kid. Plus I spanked my kids once since then they straightened up so now I just take their crap away, ground them, make them clean the house top to bottom and pull weeds"

Andy S. "I was spanked as a child. And I have sparked each of my children at some point. I haven’t had to in quite some time. My kids are well behaved and respectful 99.9% of the time."

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