An incredible story of survival. This dog spent nearly a year in the Idaho Mountains before making his way back home to Boise!


The dog was found in pretty rough shape on a ranch off I-55 near Horseshoe Bend . She was covered in fleas and ticks.


Turns out the dogs name is Mo. She's a 12 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who went missing September 13, 2016.


She had gone missing during a hunting trip with her owners, Darwin and Cindy Cameron.


Mo was so special to Darwin and Cindy that they stayed in the area between Horseshoe Bend and Placerville for 3 months searching for her but they finally had to give up and went back home to Boise.


As we all know, this area suffered a particularly harsh winter and so it would seem nearly impossible for a dog to survive in the mountains, even though Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are bred to handle extreme cold. To make matters worse, Mo is completely deaf and old.


When Mo was found she was taken into a rescue home and her owners were found through Facebook, but when they went to meet the dog that could possibly be their's they were warned she might not run up to them because she had gone into survival mode and experienced a lot of trauma.


Mo was a little subdued when reunited with her owners, but they knew it was her by the little things; a fatty tumor she had, the way she sniffed her bed, and sat at Darwin's feet. When they brought her home they were even more certain she was their dog by the way she knew the house.


According to the Idaho Statesman, her struggle to survive caused her to lose 50% of her body weight and her owners are working to get her back to health.


Today she has a new nickname "The Legend."