Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountain ranges in America, but what lake is the "clearest?"

Photo by Alex Post on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Post on Unsplash

There's a recent article from Explorers Way that shares their list of the 21 most clear (must see to believe) lakes in the U.S., and here's what they had to say about clear lakes...

"Is there anything more rewarding than taking a dip in a cool, clear lake at the end of a long summer day? No matter where you find yourself, there’s simply nothing better! However, what if you got the chance to enjoy cooling off in one of these crystal clear, pristine lakes?"

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On their list of 21 clear lakes in the U.S. that you'll need to see to believe, what lake in Idaho made the cut?

Sawtooth Lake in Idaho

Photo by Chamika Dharmasena on Unsplash
Photo by Chamika Dharmasena on Unsplash

Here's what they had to say about Sawtooth Lake...

"Nestled among the jagged peaks of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, the crystal-clear Sawtooth Lake is accessible only by foot, but the stunning scenery is worth the extra effort required to get there. On the hike to Sawtooth Lake, you’ll enjoy beautiful mountain views and pass by another slightly less impressive lake called Alpine Lake."

Explorers Away goes on to say, "For the best view overlooking Sawtooth Lake, take a short spur trail that branches off the main path just before reaching the lake. The trail climbs uphill for about a quarter mile before arriving at an incredible viewpoint of Sawtooth Lake and the surrounding Sawtooth Mountains."

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