Our boy from Eagle, Idaho isn't making us too proud.  This guy did it all.  Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, etc, etc...


58-year-old George L. Manlove was just found guilty of 87 counts of money laundering, 75 counts of wire fraud, 4 counts of bankruptcy fraud, 2 counts of making false statements to banks, and 1 count of conspiracy... oh yea, and 1 count of bank fraud.


He's a former CEO of Vann's Inc. which is an appliance and electronics chain.  He did face over 200 charges and he pleaded not guilty to all of them.  We're not sure on the total of how much money he stole but it's up there.  Way up there.


The silver lining for Manlove is he was found not guilty on 41 counts.  I guess that's a silver lining.  He'll be sentenced on May 19.

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