43-year-old Adam Paulson has been found guilty of vehicular manslaughter in a crash that stole the life of a 24-year-old mother of two, Madeline Duskey last November. 

This is one of those accidents that has really stuck with me. Madeline Duskey had two young children. She was beautiful, her Mother's only child, and the thought of those children growing up without her has pained my heart every time I think about her.

Today, the man who hit her on Eagle Road just after midnight on November 18, 2017, has been found responsible for her death.

Adam Paulson had a blood alcohol content of 0.213 at the time of the crash. Madeline Duskey had also been drinking that night and was trying to cross Eagle Road when she did not have the right of way.

According to KTVB, the cornerstone of Paulson's defense was that a sober driver could not have avoided Madeline Duskey and that she was responsible for her own death, but a jury did not buy that theory.

Sentencing has not yet taken place. We'll keep you updated at this story develops.

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