Oh this is going to be bad! Eagle road is crazy busy as it is, but you close a huge section of it and that's a recipe for disaster!

A water main broke late last night and its such a mess that it's going to take a while to clean things up between the Fairview intersection and Pine Avenue. That's three-quarters of a mile!

According to KTVB crews are currently digging a 40 foot long trench that spans 10 feet wide and is about 8 feet deep. This is all so they can reach the broken pipe.

Of course you will be redirected around the closure but it is going to be horrible, especially around commute times. Businesses will remain open.

Keep this in mind. 54.038 people travel on Eagle Road everyday and now they have to go somewhere else to get where they need to go, so surrounding areas in this section of Meridian are going to be extra congested.

As for the water in Meridian, it is still safe to drink but it may look a little discolored when it first comes out of the tap so its suggested that you let the water run for a few seconds until it is clear.

Bottom line, avoid Eagle Road at all costs through Wednesday.