When you go to a bar, you're going for more than just a drink - you're going for an experience. That might include the ambiance, people, and of course, the service.

For those who love to live dangerously, however, we're sad to report one of Idaho's sketchiest bars is now permanently closed.

The end of an era has arrived

Just to be clear - we didn't anoint this Nampa bar the sketchiest in all of the Treasure Valley and Idaho. Rather, you, the people, awarded this bar the title of the sketchiest.

And that title went to the bar at Denny's in Nampa.

And we know what you're thinking: "Denny's had a bar?" While yes, they did, we recently learned about the end of an era with Denny's.

We previously discussed the sketchiest bars in the Treasure Valley and were notified that the iconic breakfast/bar combo was permanently closed not long after that article was published.

Did we take Denny's in Nampa for granted?

Where else can you get a Grand Slam Breakfast followed by a beer? Okay, there might be quite a few places you can enjoy breakfast with some alcohol in the Treasure Valley but this is Denny's.

So what if you're using most of your time at the table swatting away flies? Also, who cares if your meal doesn't look like the picture in the marketing? It all mixes up in your stomach anyway, right?

Kidding aside, there are some rough reviews out there for the Denny's in Nampa (RIP) and we'll miss the sketchy stories that come with them.

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