Eddie took his kids to go to a trampoline park in Nashville and while he was there he pulled something that's now making him be dubbed "A Karen."

While at the trampoline park, Eddie and his family were one of a few groups of people in the building. They were getting their things together to go play when everyone spotted a teenage couple making out in the corner. His kids couldn't stop watching what was happening. So Eddie decided to do something about it. He went up to the counter and told the employees about the couple making out. He asked them if they were able to go over and make them stop doing that since it's a family establishment. The main reason he wanted it to stop was so his kids would stop paying attention to it.

So the employees went over and disrupted the making out young couple and asked them to stop. They did, but weren't happy about it. Now The Bobby Bones Show is asking listeners to decide if Eddie is dubbed a "Karen" for what he did at the trampoline park or if he was just acting as a concerned parent.