The Bobby Bones Show has been following the journey of Eddie and his wife's foster kid situation for over a year. Last year, Eddie shared that he and his wife finished their training to become foster parents. Shortly after he announced that they were welcoming two foster kids into their home.

The two foster kids have been staying with Eddie, his wife, and their two sons for over a year now. At first, they had hoped that the parents would be able to get things together and have their kids again. However, over the months and with the pandemic, that never happened.

While talking about kids during the show today (September 23), Eddie revealed that he and his wife are hoping to have their two foster kids adopted into their family by the end of 2020. This is the first time Eddie has officially shared they're working on adopting the kids. The process has been going slow due to the pandemic, but they're still hopeful it can happen by the end of this year.