They're back!! The same type of scooters we saw in Meridian last month have made their debut in Boise. 

Bird scooters will work much like the Lime scooters you may have seen on the streets of Meridian.

Their purpose goes a lot farther than entertainment. They're meant to be used as an alternative means of transportation and this time the city is hoping the public will be more educated on the rules and how these scooters work.

According to, the city in partnership with Bird has presented a series of educational events to help the public know the rules and to aid in safety.

The electric scooters can be used on Boise sidewalks, streets, and the greenbelt.

Like the Lime scooters, Bird scooter uses an App, cost a dollar to start and then an additional 15 cents a minute.

If your kids are excited about the scooters, they may be disappointed to learn you have to have a drivers license and be 18 years or older to ride. Helmets are not required but are highly recommended.

Please use caution as you drive and see these scooters on the road.

No word yet on when the Lime scooters will come back to Meridian.

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