This is insane! Check out the ice castle this Idaho family has created in their backyard. It's so cool that even Elsa visits every Thursday!

If you plan on heading to the southeastern part of Idaho near Yellowstone, you have to stop by the Youngstrom property.

Nestled among their 7000 square foot home with surrounding lake and forest land on seven acres is this huge ice castle that the family has built, complete with ice passages, thrones, and even ice slides.

All of it has been hand sculpted, sometimes with chainsaws and then they turned on the sprinklers to help solidify the whole thing! Plus, it lights up and Disney's Elsa shows up every Thursday!

Before you head out though, keep in mind there is an entrance fee because it really is that cool. This is not just something you see from the road it's an experience! According to entry is $10 for adults, $7 for kids, and $45 gets the whole family in!

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