Idaho is certainly unique. We have an interesting way of doing things here and while all states, cities and places probably have a name or two that is strange, funny and ridiculous.... Idaho has its fair share of street names that will make you do a double take or just say, what the heck? Did I see that right? Did that say what I think it said? These directions cant be right? How does one come up with a street name like that?

Entertaining Idaho Street Names

How some of these came to be is still a mystery but one thing is for sure if you are looking for a laugh... These ridiculous Idaho street names should do the trick.

12 Ridiculous Myths About Idaho That People in Other States Believe

When you tell people that you're from Idaho, do they look at you funny and immediately follow up your introduction with a question that makes you shake your head? These are 12 of the common responses our listeners tell us they get!

Boise Traffic Incident Captured on Video Goes Viral

On Friday, May 20th, a video was posted online from a busy Boise street. The video showed a totally insane incident which involved one woman stopping down traffic and straight up screaming at vehicles that she forcibly stopped.
We don't know the contest of this video--only that one individual captured it on film.

Check out this incident and see the full video for yourself, below:

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