Retail stores are tough to sustain these days and with that, we've seen a lot of stores move out of the Boise Towne Square Mall. Now we have two new move in's that your kids are going to love!

An escape room and PlayJoy x Ellis Amusement are moving into the mall. According to, the arcade is already open and located near the food court. It will take up an impressive 2,259 square feet of space. The last time we had an arcade at the mall was over a decade ago.

The escape room is essentially a room that a group of people are locked into and given clues to find their way out. My thirteen-year-old son will be thrilled over this one. The concept continues to grow in popularity, so it seems to be a smart move. The escape room will be located between Macy's and Layne Bryant according to Boise Dev's Don Day.

Day also points out that there are plenty of available spaces up for grabs at the Boise Towne Square Mall. 22 spaces are sitting vacant. Hopefully, this new arcade and the escape room, which is set to open in the coming months will be a success.

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