I am so bummed out about this. I absolutely love this store and it makes me so sad to see it go!

Last night I received an alert the Young Art in the Boise Town Square Mall will not be renewing their lease and that they will be closing their doors for good May 20th. The store specializes in teaching art lessons to kids while their parents shop and they do a fantastic job.

I was first introduced to Young Art when we took some of our "Rick and Carly's Kids" Riley and Carter there to create special art in memory of their Mom who died from breast cancer. You can see some of what we created in the video below.

I was so impressed with Young Art that my daughter was gifted with their art lessons for Christmas. We went every week for two months while my son had basketball practice and she absolutely loved it. In fact I thought this is a great gift to give her for years to come, but I guess that's not an option anymore.

Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise
Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise

Young Art is one of the most generous companies I've ever come in contact with. They also donated art lessons to Brooklyn, our "Rick and Carly's Kid" for March and they do charitable art lessons for the community all the time. It makes me so sad to see them go.

Find time to experience Young Art between now and May 20th. It's an experience your kids won't soon forget.