An explosion has left three injured and one man missing in Grand View.

The explosion happened this morning at 9:23 a.m. at the U.S. Ecology Idaho hazardous waste disposal site according to KTVB.

15 workers were on the site, the three injured received non-life-threatening injuries, but one is missing and their identity has not been released.

The explosion has also left Lemley Road blocked at Idaho Highway 78.

C.O.O. Simon Bell released a statement saying,

It's a very difficult day for U.S. Ecology. Our focus is on the families of those affected by the accident, supporting the first responders, and making sure our employees are cared for and updated on what's happening in the process.

Please keep all those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers and we are all hoping and praying that they will find the missing employee to bring closure to the family.

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