Awesome neighbors make life better! They're like a friendly safety net when you need help, whether borrowing a cup of sugar or watching your pet. They make your street feel like a close-knit family, so you're never alone. Plus, they're the ones you chat with over the fence or invite for a BBQ. Having great neighbors means less drama and more fun, and they turn your neighborhood into a lively, welcoming place. So, let's appreciate those fantastic folks next door who make our daily grind a little brighter!

A new study from All Star Home shared which states had the nosiest neighbors in America. How do you think Idaho compared to the rest of the country? 

It also shared other interesting facts about Idaho neighbors, like those who always invite themselves over. Who needs privacy when you can have surprise guests at any time? It's like a never-ending party we never signed up for. What the neighborhood's very own stand-up comedian! They've mastered the art of making everyone cringe with their inappropriate comments. It's like living in a perpetual comedy show where the punchlines are often jaw-dropping. Who needs a filter, right?

Do you feel like you have a neighbor who watched you from afar?

Living next to nosy neighbors can be quite the spectacle. It's like having your own reality show, with them as the audience. They must have a PhD in peeping! Whether it's the occasional fence-side peep or a whole house tour through the window, they've covered your life. It's like having an unofficial security detail minus the privacy. 

Top 5 Least Nosiest States In America & More About Idaho Neighbors

According to All Star Home, these are the top 5 least nosiest states and other key takeaways.

Methodology: "In this study, we surveyed Americans in every state regarding intrusive residents to determine which states have the most and least nosy neighbors. We asked about everything from neighbors' activities to the steps Americans have taken to handle their overly interested neighbors. We assigned a score to answers that represent nosy activities and averaged scores to determine the score for each state and city. Scores were then adjusted on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the most nosy. States excluded due to a lack of responses include Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming."

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