Scamming just went to a new level here in the Treasure Valley.  Some criminals are contacting residents in the Boise area posing as someone from either the Boise Fire Department or the Ada County Paramedics asking for donations to help out families struggling this year with Christmas.

Unfortunately, the only people you're helping out are these low life's who obviously have no conscience or any kind of morals.

The scammers are calling from a 208 phone number which makes it look more legitimate but authorities think this is part of a nationwide scamming hitting most states across America right now.

According to KTVB, both the Boise Fire Department and the Ada County Paramedics say they DO NOT ask for donations over the phone and PLEASE don't give out any credit card or other important information that could be used to hurt you financially or steal your identity.

If you do receive one of these calls, hang up immediately and call the REAL authorities.

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