A student at Columbia High School snapped a photo of a school resource officer in civilian clothes carrying a fake gun.  


That's how this all started.  The fake weapon was brought for a class on law enforcement at the school.  In today's social media frenzy world you know this isn't going to stop there.  Pictures of the civilian with a gun on campus have caught fire online with all sorts of statements and opinions.


The Nampa school district says the photo was posted online with an inappropriate message.


We believe the student who posted this has been suspended.  Looking for more details on that on more details on this story.  We'll keep you in the loop.


Here's a few comments posted on the Nampa School District's Facebook Page.


No persons in civilian clothing should be carrying anything that looks like a weapon on school grounds.


NSD is weaponized autism.


Welcome to 2017 where a single snap of the camera tells the whole story.


Hopefully they will make him accountable for doing this and causing problems...these kids have to learn


I am incredibly disappointed with how Nampa School District and Columbia High School have handled this situation.


I think, based on what the news is reporting, that the resource officer should be punished more severely than the child. Who in their right mind carries what appears to be an AR-15 into a school like that. There is no reason that fake weapon could not have been in a case. I would fire that idiot on the spot. The Nampa School District and Columbia High administrators should be ashamed of themselves for dropping all of the weight of this incident on that boy. I could understand a minor punishment for the lack of tact the boy took with that photo...but do us all a favor and remove that idiot SRO immediately!!!!!


Yeah not sure if this was made aware but he's also being kicked out of 3 classes that are going to be his major field of study when he goes to college next year.


The kid made a mistake but he's a kid. He has an excuse. Did the school notify the entire staff and student body about what the SRO was doing? If not, they caused this.

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