After looking into who the Dean family was, it turns out that they were one of our own.  They were from right here in Caldwell and the dad was serving our country as a member of the 69th Maintenance Squadron.  25-year-old Staff Sgt. Anthony James Dean along with his 25-year-old wife Chelsi Dean and their two daughters, 5-year-old Kaytlin and 20-month-old Avri died in a horrific crash Thanksgiving morning when traveling from Caldwell, Idaho to Ekalaka, Montana.  Details of the crash are absolutely horrible.  You can get those by clicking HERE but we just want the family members and close friends of this young, beautiful family to know that we're praying for them today.  Words cannot express the grief and loss felt from this tragic accident.

The Dean family currently resided in North Dakota where James was assigned to the 69th Maintenance Squadron.  More details on who the Deans were, where they lived, and what they were doing can be found on the KTVB site.

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