A few months ago, the legal smoking age in Idaho moved from 18 to 21, and many locals absolutely lost their minds.

However, it opened up a really important conversation about why tobacco laws should possibly be more restrictive than they currently are. 

Numerous studies have proven that tobacco is extremely harmful, and it is also a ridiculously expensive habit/addiction.



Especially when it comes to e-cigarettes, there’s been a lot of speculation about how harmful these products actually are and many have asked:

How much do we actually know about these tobacco products?

Particularly because they have grown in popularity within the United States over the last few years, especially amongst school-aged children. 


Well, in an effort by the FDA and U.S. government to curb smoking, several rules were recently proposed, including banning Juul and their vaping products.

As you can imagine, the reactions have been all over the place.

Some people are stoked about this newest development, and believe that we are taking steps in the right direction to bring down the use of tobacco, especially among teenagers. 

However, many others believe that this is too small of a move, and that it will simply drive people back to smoking old-fashioned cigarettes instead.


Whatever your opinion may be, this decision will be effective immediately and Juuls will be pulled from retailers all across the country.

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