Reddit has a whole section called "Am I the A**hole?" where people from all over write their stories and ask members on the website to give them advise and people vote if what they did was an a-hole move or not.  This one from Idaho is relatable for many that I had to pass it on.

Here is the story and you can decide for yourself if you think his actions are justified, as in not an a-hole or if this was crossing the line and he is -or at least did- an a-hole thing.

-"My wife (33) and I (28) moved into our first actual house about three years ago. Our previous places have been apartments and townhomes, so we've never really had a yard before. I really appreciate it and love taking care of the lawn. The problem is our neighbor's backyard behind us.

This dude refuses to cut his grass, or do any type of maintenance whatsoever. Every year it just gets out of control with weeds. I didn't even know they could get that tall. I'm a short dude but some of them get as tall as me and start growing these weird flowers. We live in Idaho and noxious weeds are an issue here. I'm not 100% sure but from what I've seen, and what people who have come over have told me, they look like they are.

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Normally I wouldn't care that much (although noxious weeds do cause issues here). It's your house, your property, do what you want. But last year I started noticing it's spreading over to my yard, and starting to happen again this year. Our neighbors beside us said they're having the same problem. It frustrates me that I'm having to put in extra work and money because they don't take care of their lawn.

Frankly I don't understand why they don't. They aren't much older than we are, they don't appear to be disabled. If they were, or there was some obvious reason why they couldn't, I would offer to cut their grass for them. They also have young kids who can't even play in the backyard because of how bad it is. I've thought about saying something, but I don't want to insult/embarrass them and create a bad relationship with them.

So while putting Weed & Feed on my lawn the other day, I realized that I could just toss some over there too; hopefully it would help. I didn't toss over much by any means (half cup near my fence line) and tried to spread it out as evenly as I could like I would my own lawn. I definitely don't want to kill their grass or anything, I'm just tired of dealing with it on my side. Am I the a**hole here?

[Edit:] I can definitely see how I'm making assumptions. The main reason I say that they don't appear to be disabled is because I've seen them doing strenuous stuff before. They also have a lawn mower that I know works."-

According to the comments and votes he did the wrong thing and is the bad guy here. I feel for him though but agree that having at least one conversation with his neighbors before putting chemicals in their yard is the better way to go. Here are some of the comments:

(MyPotato2753) Your The A**- because instead of being an adult and saying, “Hey, your lawn is spreading weeds onto mine, can we talk about this?” You made a decision about what could and couldn’t grow in their yard. It’s not your property, you don’t mess with it.

(SnakesInYerPants) Your The A**- There are lots of animals who won’t have an issue with the weeds but will die or get sick if they eat the weed and feed. If they have a cat that you haven’t seen who goes out into that yard, you will be poisoning it. There are usually bylaws about weeds. Look up your local bylaws and report him for breaking the bylaws. These systems are in place specifically for a way to deal with these situations so that you aren't just tossing chemicals into your neighbors yard without their consent. Bylaws are about making the neighborhood peaceful and if you really can’t bring yourself to talk to them face to face, bylaw is the option you should be going down; not just doing whatever you want to their yard."

What do you think?

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