Residents at this Boise apartment complex say they heard an explosion at 1:20 a.m. before a fire broke out and started to spread quickly.

It happened at the Aberdeen Apartments off of Fairview Avenue and Allumbaugh Street. According to KTVB firefighters had to burst into the building and wake residents up who were still sleeping.

Although firefighters got there quickly the flames quickly spread to a second building.

The fire is completely out and luckily everyone was able to escape without injury. The bad news is that several apartments have been damaged to the point that they are unlivable. Luckily, the Boise Burnout Fund will be helping those families displaced by the fire.

Investigators are currently on the scene trying to figure out the cause of the fire, but so far we don't have any answers.

We're just glad no one was seriously injured or killed in this blaze and we are very grateful to the Boise Burnout Fund for helping these displaced families get back on their feet.