Congratulations to Ashley Rosenbaum who has just been promoted and just made history by becoming the very first female captain for the Boise Fire Department.

Here's a statement from Fire Chief Dennis Doan...

Ashley is a great firefighter and will be a great leader. Her great attitude and work ethic were recognized early on here at Boise Fire and since she has been hired she has continued to show her strength and dedication to this job. She is great role model and a huge asset to the department.

KTVB reports that Ashley's been serving our community for a good 12 years now and has moved up the ranks quickly.  Here's her career in a nutshell.

  • 2007 - Joined Boise Fire
  • 2008 - Promoted to Firefighter I
  • 2009 - Promoted to Firefighter II
  • 2011 - Promoted to Firefighter III
  • 2014 - Became member of the Boise Fire Hazardous Materials Team, continued to serve three years on the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting team and became the first female driver for the department.

I grew up with five sisters.  I have four beautiful daughters.  All of these fantastic women in my life have taught me more than I could ever express in words.  They're beautiful, strong, hardworking, compassionate, and examples to us all what people not just men or women should be.  I love these women and I love watching other women break through stereotypes to not only succeed but to exceed expectations.

Ashley is a fine example of hard work, intelligence, beauty, and so much more.  She's helping pave the way for so many behind her.  I applaud you Ashley and I'm so proud to have you as one of our leaders here in the great state of Idaho and our beautiful city of Boise.

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