It's tremendous news, but with how much Boise and the whole Treasure Valley is growing it's needed. Our friends at KTVB relayed the great news about 21 new recruits being added last week, it's their largest graduate academy in the department's history.

The 33rd graduating class consists of twenty men and one woman being sworn in. Chief Doan mentioned that there were 800 applicants for the academy but only 21 passed all stages needed to graduate from the academy.

The recruits had to endure 20 weeks of intense fire and EMS training, including water rescues and vehicle extractions.

With 21 retirements in 2019 through the Boise Fire Department these new recruits are vital to the department. Chief Doan also said the department wants to hire another 18 firefighters within the next three months.

All recruits agreed the challenges were worth it, but the amount of time that went into training was the difficult part.

Congrats to all of the new members of the Boise Fire Department, and thank you for your dedication to our community.

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