Authorities believe this started as a domestic violence incident that ended with a gunman at an elementary school and five people dead.

Murder Suicide Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino Kills Two And Injures Others
Credit: David McNew / Getty Images

According to the incident took place in Tehama County, California where a man went on a shooting rampage at multiple locations that ended up with him being shot and killed at a local elementary school.

The tragedy occurred around 8 o'clock this morning and we do know that investigators are looking at five different locations where shootings took place including the elementary school.  We know of at least five people dead so far which includes the shooter who was shot and killed by police and many children have been taken to the hospital, some air-lifted but none of the elementary kids has been confirmed dead as of yet.

Witnesses say they heard at least 100 shots and it's another one of those situations where nobody can believe what's going on is real.

More details soon.


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