Maybe these homes will provide inspiration or maybe a laugh or a smile.  Either way, these homes are unique and they’re all right here in Idaho!   

Starting with what is probably the most “Idaho” of all homes.  The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is an AirBNB tiny home.  It’s located between Boise and Mountain Home and for $150 per night, you’ll have the spa, the farm and the cow all to yourself during your stay. 

We’ve all driven by the castle on Warm Springs and thought, “I wonder if there’s a dragon in there,” or maybe that’s just me.  If you ever wanted to see inside, check out this video below! 

As you drive through the more rural parts of the state and see silos, maybe you’ve thought that one could make a nice home.  Someone shared your thoughts and turned one into an over 3,000 square foot, circular home.  It’s in Burley, Idaho where you may have filled up on your way to Salt Lake just after Twin Falls.  Click HERE to see what they've done with this one!

Another interesting home on the small side is this tiny home in Cascade, shaped like a teepee.  It was built in the late 1960’s, so it’s not very energy efficient, but it’s only 577 square feet.  It’s nestled in nature and you have to go outside to access the bathroom. Click HERE to see this one.

And finally, from the owner of the Potato House is the Crystal Peak Lookout.  Incredible views, and even a wood fired sauna come standard with a $200 per night cost at the AirBNB located in Fernwood, Idaho.  You will need a 4-wheel drive to access this home and in the winder, it will take a snowmobile, however, you can rent one for an additional $100.