According to the Idaho State Police, 83-year-old L. Max Richards was driving his wife along with four LDS Missionaries near Preston, Idaho on Highway 91 Wednesday afternoon and that drive would be his last.  He, along with his wife, 80-year-old Phyllis Richards were in the front seats while the four missionaries were in the back.  L. Max Richards made a left turn in front of another car that was being driven by 67-year-old Charley Sistrunk and Charley could not react quickly enough to stop from striking Richards which resulted in a very bad wreck that ultimately took their lives and sent the four missionaries in the back to the hospital.

All four missionaries were immediately transported to the hospital in Preston, Idaho and one missionary was taken from there to the Pocatello hospital.  Details on the condition of the missionaries is sketchy but Mormon church officials are saying that all four missionaries should recover.

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