These guys don't waste time.  They've already taken the Freddy's sign off the building.  Why is my favorite custard hot spot going away and what kind of future does Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers have here in the Treasure Valley?

The answer my not be what you want to hear. Freddy's is not offering up too much information as to why stores are shutting down and if existing stores will shut down eventually as well.

The Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell location has also shut down and is now leasing out the building just like this Boise location on Broadway.  Locations in Meridian and Eagle remain open but it seems like Freddy's is keeping things pretty hush hush as to if they'll stay that way.

For now, we'll all just have to speculate as to why those delicious steakburgers and frozen custards are disappearing.  Too much competition, location, service, quality?  Maybe it's none of these things but I do know this: Broadway is changing and Freddy's is just one of many stores getting the ax. Sad!

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