It's been a while since that eyesore 'Hong Kong Oriental Spa' has been torn down and that empty lot sitting there next to Burger King has done nothing, nothing, nothing... until now.  A brand new building is going up FAST.  So what is it?  Who's moving in?

Boise Dev just released some great info along with pictures of what the current construction looks like AND what things will look like when the building is completely finished.

Well, the new building IS going up BUT we don't exactly know what it'll be yet or who will be in it.  The owner, Jim Kissler, says build it and they will come.  He didn't really say that but I'm sure that's what he's thinking as construction crews are quickly moving on this 2,000 plus square foot building that I believe is currently up for lease.

Here's what Ryan Drew with Larson Architects, PA had to say about this new building going up...

The building will be skinned with aluminum panels, corrugated/perforated metal siding, and horizontal metal siding.  A band of red aluminum panels at this location will accent the overall silver theme of the building, providing contrast.

Whatever or whoever resides in this new building, I'm sure we'll know soon enough.  We'll keep you posted as more information is released.  For some very good pictures and more specifics and details on this new building click onto Boise Dev below.

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