I'm totally down with Mexican food but it's too dang expensive bringing all five of my kids out.  Not now!  Free Chipotle and all your kids have to do is read.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. To Go Orders Ahead Of Earnings Figures
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Chipotle says it best...

We're passionate about more than perfectly rolled burritos.  We're also committed to helping young minds grow.  To help motivate young readers, we provide Chipotle Reading Rewards, so you can reward book smarts with delicious food crafted from real, whole ingredients.


Holy Guacamole I'm in!  So what is this Chipotle Reading Rewards?  How does it work?  They're basically free kid's meal cards that can be used as incentives for your school or library's reading program.


STEP 1:  Apply for Chipotle Reading Rewards

STEP 2:  Kick off your reading program

STEP 3:  Reward your readers with free Chipotle


If you don't have a reading program in place at your school you can always start one or join in on the Chipotle website.  All the details and information are HERE!

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