Almost half of the populations here in Boise never go to the dentist because they don't have insurance or they're just too embarrassed.  Dr. Rigby of Ustick Dental Office recognizes this problem is becoming an epidemic here in the United States and is giving back the only way he knows how.  FREE DENTAL!

This is for everyone 18 and older.  Doesn't matter if you're insured or not, young, old, rich, or poor.  On Friday, November 2nd Dr. Rigby sets out on a mission to change lives by helping you get your smile back.  It's all part of Dentistry From The Heart which is a nonprofit founded in 2001 that has so far helped more than 85,000 patients.

Did you know that right now there are more than 100 million people in the United States that don't have dental insurance?  There are a million different reasons from unemployment to jobs not offering it to pure neglect and laziness.  The bottom line is that teeth issues snowball into major teeth issues which eventually can lead to lots of different medical issues that will not only make you sick but in severe cases could even cause death.

Dr. Vincent Rigby says...

Now more than ever, I know there’s people out there that need my services, but have no means to afford them – whether they’re out of a job, or just don’t have dental insurance. This Dentistry From The Heart event is my way of giving back to the community, and being there for the people who are in need of dental work.

FREE extractions and cleanings are available for anyone and everyone 18 and older on Friday, November 2nd at Ustick Dental Office to the first 50 people that show up or until 4 p.m. when they close.  Doors open at 9 a.m. and you can go to for more details.

Credit: UStick Dental
Credit: UStick Dental

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