Another fun event for the for Halloween and it's free!

8-midnight is when the haunted house is open for hauntings. Located at 2952 N Bryson Ave this is a free public haunted house that is for anyone to stop by and enjoy. I am not sure how scary this Haunted House is as I have never been but they do state to bring your "courage". This is a great resource for families who may not be able to afford to pay for Halloween fun or maybe are enjoying an inexpensive holiday, it's things like this that help. October 26th and Halloween are the nights this place is ready to scare.

I don't think you need a ticket but there is a register button on eventbrite, you can find more here.

They also put this disclaimer on the site as well so keep these things in mind if going.


For a Full Experience of Our Haunted House:

- Please follow the instructions given to you before entering.

- Please do not run through the haunting.

- Don’t forget to have plenty of fun!

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