Well, well, well, 2020 making us parents get all creative and stuff. Trick or Treating around the neighborhood may be out of the question this year but there is plenty to do to make Halloween still feel fun and special for the kiddos. Choosing costumes, decorating pumpkins, and making special treats are just a few ways to bring some spooky spirit and spooky fun for the family. Who knows maybe you and your family will even find a new special tradition that you do every year because this year is making us all think out of the box.

Virtual costume parties & parades - I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Kids love dressing up in their costumes but they also love showing off their costumes so get cousins, aunts, uncles grandparents, even friends to have a set time to dress up and do a little video call where the youngsters can show off their costumes and feel like the star.

Spooky movie night - Celebrate with a movie night and dress as your favorite characters. My little guy Titus and I just watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin last night and we have plans for The Adams Family on Halloween, I am sure we will find some other age appropriate winners for a few of the days in between. He is not quite old enough for my favorite Halloween movies, So I will reserve those for my man Kris and I to enjoy after little man goes down.

Decorating pumpkins - Well this one seems obvious but get more creative then just carving this year. There are hundreds of creative ways to decorate or create pumpkins. Titus for example loves to paint and color on them and then the next day we wash it off and he gets to do it all over again. We always take pictures of his finished projects before starting fresh again though.

​Halloween-themed treats​ - Lots of creepy, spooky, and silly deserts this time of year but you can also get creative with other foods too. Like a pumpkin shaped pizza for example.

Create a “haunted” egg hunt - This is something Kris and I have been planning for Titus for a couple of weeks now. My 7 year old LOVES finding Easter eggs inside and out. So we will be doing it but this time with Halloween treats, candy and little toys. Another idea for kids who may come through to trick or treat is scattering some candy out on the front lawn for them to safely gather a piece or two without coming to the door.

Do a Halloween door drop - I love this idea for neighbors who are close or friends and family. Skip the door-to-door trick-or-treating and deliver Halloween goody bags or baskets.

Glow stick Party - Ok so admittedly this is something that Titus and I have done randomly for years. Not all the time but once in awhile we will stock up on glowsticks, usually from dollar tree, and will attach them to our clothes, bodies, hair whatever and play music and have a glow stick dance party. He loves them and to be honest so do I.


What are you doing this year with your family?


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