We have no shortage of kRAziEs here in the Treasure Valley and I'm adding this guy to the pot.  46-year-old Marcell Gurule of Garden City, Idaho was 'Court Ordered' to stay away from this house at 500 block of East 44th Street.  I have no idea what the details are behind this 'No Contact Order' but apparently it was too much for him... so much that he decided to pour gasoline all over the house and then take the gas can and dump it all over his body.  Obviously a dangerous situation.

Again, who or what or why I have NO idea but this situation called for quick, careful action and that's exactly what we got from the Garden City Police Department.  They received the call at about 7:10 last night (Saturday) and responded swiftly with the safety of the public and the safety of Gurule as their number one priority.

Let's be honest here.  One slip of a match and this story turns horrifically wrong in a matter of seconds.  This was a VERY sensitive situation for these officers and they handled it like the pros they are.

According to KTVB, Gurule was hiding in the yard when authorities arrived.  He was quickly apprehended and held until the Boise Fire Department could get there to decontaminate him.  Gurule has been arrested on a felony charge of attempted first-degree arson and misdemeanor violation of a no-contact order.

Thank you to all emergency responders involved for keeping us safe.

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