If you were one of the lucky few (thousand) that attended Garth Brooks at Albertsons Stadium over the weekend, you'll know what we're talking about.  Garth Brooks has just catapulted himself into history books forever here in the Boise area with what most are saying was THE best concert they've ever attended in their entire life.

Young and old, they all agree.  Garth Brooks is and was the best EVER!  Here are a few of the comments we've been getting at 104.3 WOW Country today.

  • "Even though there were 40,000 people in the stands I always felt like Garth was talking right at me."
  • "His showmanship was the best I've ever seen."
  • "That guy was on fire the whole night."
  • "Trisha Yearwood was amazing but Garth, out of all the concerts I've ever been to in my life, and I'm almost 60-years-old, Garth Brooks had me crying."
  • "The way he integrated BSU was genius."
  • "I get bored at most concerts about an hour in.  Garth just got better and better."

We all got to be a part of history here in Idaho this past weekend.  My morning partner, Carly Cash was fortunate enough to get to interview Garth live and she killed it.  She didn't get goofy or weird.  She asked Garth something that interested her and probably a lot of others out there and Garth Brooks was genuine, smooth, and handed out some pretty darn good advice.

Garth Brooks was 'CLASS' all the way.  He made sure that this wasn't just a show we were watching.  We were part of it.  On Friday night Blake Shelton made his appearance so that the two of them could tape out their new video for 'DIVE BAR' which they ended up doing twice to get it right.  The crowd LOVED it.  And that's with a 10-minute delay because technical difficulties shut down all sound which was another situation that Garth Brooks handled with class and as a true professional.  Not a single person in that audience was disappointed or had a negative thing to say about anything that went wrong because Garth turned all those things into something that just seemed extra special.  It felt like we were getting something real and something that nobody else has ever had.

If you missed the show, check out the quick clip below for a small taste of what things were like.

If you still need some visual stimuli to understand how good this show actually was.  Check out some of the pics below shared by out listeners at what is now being deemed as the all-time greatest concert Boise has ever had.

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